Dallas Davenport

Upstairs Jeweler and Gemstone Dealer
The Davenport Organisation is both a classic upstairs jeweler and a gemstone dealer. Founded by Dallas Davenport in 1979, Davenport has deep roots in the worldwide gem and jewelry trades that allow us to provide exemplary services for importing, brokerage, cutting, design, and custom jewelry manufacturing. This global network of long-standing gem and jewelry relationships means we are able to secure the very best product for the specific jewelry needs and budgets of each of our private clients.

We procure and deliver precious, natural stones and custom jewelry to retail customers, independent jewelers, goldsmiths, jewelry designers, custom manufacturers, and gem dealers. Davenport specializes in high-quality white diamonds, fancy color diamonds, and fine colored gemstones. Dallas's extensive knowledge of both white and colored gems makes Davenport unique in the trade.

Outstanding Value... Exceptional Prices
Networked into the international gem trade, we've spent three decades mining, importing, and cutting the world's finest diamonds and gemstones. Because we have experience buying and brokering a relatively large volume of stones, we are able to select the best, yet still sell to our private clients well below retail prices. We operate in tax free NH.

Full Range of Jewelry Services
The Davenport Organisation provides a full range of gem and jewelry services... design and manufacturing of custom jewelry, repairs, appraisals, consultation, remakes, redesign, education, and old fashioned conversation. We also buy and sell a limited amount of antique, period, and vintage jewelry. If you have gold, silver or platinum jewelry you want to sell for melt, we can give you a very good price.

How it Started
During the 1970's Dallas was happily selling insurance and financial products. A customer asked Dallas to find him a diamond for investment. Well, Dallas searched for and found that first diamond and he was hooked... he's never stopped searching. That was the beginning of The Davenport Organisation.

A Family Business
This is a family enterprise nourished by the family's passion for rocks, gems, and jewelry and all things related. Dallas Davenport, founder and principal, Dallas's wife, Paula Cooper Davenport, and our eldest son, Joshua Davenport, look forward to serving you.

Where's the "Z"?
The "Organisation" of The Davenport Organisation is spelled the British way, an "s" instead of a "z". It was an effort to be interesting... which has turned out to be both interesting and confoundedly confusing. But it's ours now and we're proud of it.

Deep roots in the worldwide gem and jewelry trades

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