- Consultation
Almost everything starts with this and very often there is no charge.

- Appraisals
Davenport writes formal
appraisals for one or many items. Written appraisals include descriptions as well as dollar value and can be used for insurance purposes or estate issues.

- Assessments
Davenport can informally assess a single jewelry piece or an entire collection of jewelry. He'll tell you the characteristics he sees and what he thinks the value is.

- Estate liquidation
Wanting or needing to sell yours or your
family's jewelry? Whether your jewelry is very valuable or worth almost nothing, we can help you sort through, make decisions, and then we can handle the actual sales. We might buy outright or take in on consignment.

- Jewelry redesign
Updating an old piece of jewelry or taking parts of jewelry you already own and creating an entirely new piece, sometimes adding new gemstones, fits perfectly with our world of renewing and recycling. It's a nice way to keep sentimental pieces in the family for generations.

- Jewelry repairs
Repairing broken chains, tightening loose prongs, or resizing an ill-fitting ring can all be done easily. We work with local skilled artisans and metalsmiths.

- Jewelry restoration
Did your pendent get run over by the car or the lawn mower? We'll do our best to restore it for you.

- Gemstone replacement
Did a stone get lost or stolen? We can find a replacement.

- Gemstone upgrade
If you would like to change a gemstone for a different, larger, or higher quality stone, we can usually offer you a trade-in option. Come talk with us.

- Gemstone recut or repolish
Has your gemstone been chipped or cracked? Is it an old ineffective cut? We can have it recut or repolished for you.

- Gemstone certifications
For gemstones of value, you may want an independent laboratory certification which describes the stone in detail. Davenport can have that done for you. Many of the stones we sell come with such a cert.

- Insurance replacement
Insurance companies find us easy to work with if they need to replace insured stones or jewelry that have been lost or stolen. Tell your insurance company you'd like Davenport to find the replacements for your missing items.

- Jewelry insurance
We can get you the necessary documentation for buying jewelry insurance. We can also recommend a highly respected jewelry insurance company so that you can compare their rates and features with that of your homeowner's or renter's insurance.

- Your gold, platinum, or silver
We'll buy from you at a high end price.

Beyond the custom jewelry and gemstones, the engagement rings and estate jewelry are all those other important aspects of owning jewelry. Whatever the jewelry project on your mind, Davenport is here to serve you.

Fees vary, consultations are often free. Talk with Dallas about your project.

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We deliver the full range of jewelry services, from jewelry repair to gemstone re-cutting to estate liquidation.