Pave Necklace, modern

Quality Estate and Period Jewelry withstands the Test of Time

Even with all the modern options, there remains a quiet joy in wearing well-crafted, handsome jewelry... brooches, earrings, bracelets... previously worn by women of an earlier era. Men's jewelry survives, too, rich and substantive. These pieces carry with them a history of their own.

Jewelry through History
Since forever, humankind has enjoyed using fabric, beads, flowers, leather, metal, paints, gemstones, and more to decorate themselves and to make beautiful human ornamentation. Antique and vintage jewelry pieces from the past 200 years have been roughly divided into
historical periods reflecting cultural influences and geography. Each era produced jewelry with particular characteristics.

Appreciation for all Jewelry
Here at Davenport, we simply enjoy all kinds of jewelry... our own custom pieces as well as jewelry from every era. We appreciate equally the diamonds set 85 years ago in thin platinum chains and the vintage 1980's chunky gold bracelets. Although we do not stock a large inventory of estate jewelry, we always have a selection of graceful or charming or dramatic pieces, and occasionally, we have truly exquisite pieces for sale.

Finding that Special Piece
Is there a particular piece of older jewelry you'd love to own, a special period or style that appeals to you? Let us know... we can help you find that perfect jewelry.

Assessing Family Treasures
Clients often arrive with an old purse or basket brimming with family jewelry in various boxes or bags, or stuffed into tins. We value the opportunity to review and assess the emotional and financial value of these family heirlooms. Sometimes, a personally important piece can be altered or sized for a client to accommodate today's use. We may buy an estate piece or sell one on consignment. The stories behind the jewelry add spice and appeal to the pieces themselves, and sometimes to the owners, too.

Estate Jewelry Services
Davenport enthusiastically buys, sells, repairs, and evaluates contemporary, vintage, and antique jewelry. See
Jewelry Services for details.

Estate and Period Jewelry

Three diamond ring
Edwardian Diamond Ring
1865,18k Yellow Gold, Rose cut diamonds, with blue enamel
Art Deco Aquamarine Pendant, Ramond Yard
Deco diamond bracelet
Enamel flower brooch, retro
Modern, face pendant
Enamel flower brooch, deco
Deco fruit cart brooch
Gold Mesh Flapper Purse with Diamonds and Rubies, Roaring Twenties
Heraldic Lion, brooch, Deco
1950s Peridot Ring
Sapphire and Pearl circle pin, retro
Mexican Silver Brooch, 1910
Gold and turqoise beetle brooch, retro
" grateful I am for your help in finding buyers for my jewelry and how gracious you were in helping me sell the ring to my niece. She is delighted with the ring... so, it will remain in the family - for which I am grateful."

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