1) How much do your clients generally pay for gems and jewelry from The Davenport Organisation?
We sell items from $100.00 and up... the rarest gems and jewelry may exceed $50,000.00. The bulk of our sales fall between $3,000.00 and $15,000. We can work within any budget and love the opportunity to do so.

2) How are items shipped and who pays for it?
If items need to be shipped, Davenport generally pays for shipping and insurance out from our offices. The customer pays for shipping and insurance to us. Registered mail is recommended for shipping to us, using special instructions for packaging.

3) If you are not a retail store or an on-line store, how do you communicate with customers?
In the upstairs jeweler tradition, we usually see clients face-to-face by appointment at The Davenport Organisation offices. But of course, in this modern world, we also communicate through phone, e-mail, and fax. We can send photos, certification information, and design sketches via several means, and we like to understand what works best for each client.

4) What is your return policy?
We want our customers to be completely satisfied, so if problems arise, we can often modify jewelry or exchange gems if needed. Generally, the client has a ten-day right-of-return on gemstones. Sometimes the jewelry setting can be returned also. Discuss with Dallas the circumstances of your particular purchase.

5) How do I know if I'm getting a good price?
Dallas or Joshua will discuss with you the nature of the pricing for your product, often showing you trade references about price. The pricing information is part of our overall educational emphasis. Since much of our business is wholesale, our prices to private customers are generally well below retail prices for comparable products. All our sales are customized for the particular client and that client's needs.

6) What if I need gem or jewelry repair, sizing, or other modifications?
Davenport handles all kinds of jewelry repair and modification as well as gem care such as repolishing or recutting.

7) What if my purchase is a gift?
Any gem or jewelry can be put in a Davenport black velvet box that fits into a white packer box. Pick up a complimentary personal jewelry cleaner bottle, too.

8) Where is The Davenport Organisation located?
Our offices are located in the beautiful seacoast of tax-free New Hampshire. We are approximately 1 hour from Boston, MA, Manchester, NH, and Portland, ME. See Contact for contact information and directions.

9) Why do you spell "organization" wrong?
"Organisation" is the British spelling and we began using it some 30 years ago. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Once at a local town meeting, a wonderful Yankee woman suggested the town fathers tell those stupid folks at Davenport that they were spelling organization wrong. Little did she know that we actually spell it that way on purpose. The "s" is ours now and we wouldn't give it up.

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