Padparascha Sapphire: The flower of India

Madagascar and some of the African locales produce orange sapphires that are truly beautiful. Mixing that color with compatible colors from other sapphires can produce some striking looks. But the orange that collectors and connoisseurs for hundreds of years have sought is called "padparascha", which is an orangey pinkish orangey pink. If you look at it in different light sources and different times of day you see a different stone. Next time you see a sunset that absolutely knocks your socks off, look at the oranges and pinks...thats padparascha. Its also the color of the lotus blossom in the Asian subcontinent. Hard to come by and usually pretty expensive.

Tanzanian Padparascha Sapphire - Two things to note about the stone. First, the color in this stone comes from multiple color zones; One pink zone, one orange/yellow zone, and a little blue. It would be more desireable (and more rare) if it had an even body color. Second, note the fluid filled inclusion in the center of the table - this stone has most likely not been heat treated. In most heat treated stones fluid filled inclusions show cracks and are said to have "burst".

Padparascha Oval
Lotus Blossoms

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