Kashmir Sapphire Control Stone

This is a close up of our in house control stone for Kashmir Sapphire. It weighs 0.25 ct and is used to verify that other stones are Kashmir, by comparison of color and inclusions. It is certified Kashmir. Although this stone looks shabby, it's great for comparison purposes, because it contains all the inclusions that are found in stones from the region. If we suspect a stone is Kashmir, it is sent out to a lab for certification.
While not all Kashmirs are spectacular, top Kashmir is pretty much as good as it gets. Color memory in humans is not very good; often we think a stone is spectacular - until we hold it next to the control!

The Kashmir region has been a war zone now 30 years. There may still be pockets of this material in the area, but the preponderance of Kashmir sapphire on the world market was mined in the late 1800's.
Unfortunately, the picture does not do the stone justice. I believe the true color of the stone is outside the color reproduction capabilities (called the "gamut") of most computer displays.

Kashmire Sapphire control stone with inclusions

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