Smilodon fatalis

Photo of Smilodon fatallis, Sabertoothed Cat

Smilodon fatalis - Saber Toothed Cat
Pleistocene Epoch - 10,000 Years Old
Marion Co., Florida

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Eclectia: Stuff that accumulates.

Here in Learn More, you'll get good sound information about gems, jewelry, and the gem trade. You'll also find, scattered about the section, some crazy Eclectia. Over the years, we've found that our clientele enjoy, as much as we do, the same whacky interest in all those things even remotely related to gems and jewelry.

The eclectia accumulates easily around here because of the rich human and natural history that surrounds the gem trade. Gemstones have such beauty and value that for centuries they have been traded across borders, races, ethnicities, cultures, and even war zones. It's only natural that, while trading in the business, we come across accidentals that can be a lot of fun.

So in this section, enjoy learning about gemstones, those enigmatic rocks, as well as other oddities - varied bits of information embedded in both the natural and human history of the world.

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