Gemstones have been coveted by man for over 75,000 years, and have been custom worked by artisans for over 7,000. Their natural value has been so universally recognized that a study of the history of gemstones gives a reasonable snapshot of human history itself.

Today, for the most part, we no longer believe that this or that stone will cure this or that disease, yet mystical they remain.

Since gemstones are formed by natural processes spanning millions of years and requiring geological pressures, even a newly discovered gemstone mine will yield stones older than the hills. An individual stone may have already passed through various countries and cultures before arriving at its most recent temporary destination. If a stone is of significant quality and was mined in the distant past, it has likely been present at historical meetings of power. In fact, in many cases, it may have been possessed at one time or another by both sides of two warring parties.

That stone you covet will be loved long after you have departed. Bury it with you if so desired, but eventually it will pass through the hands of others.

Gems: A long history with man

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